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Delti Becker Voiceless

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"Voiceless" is Delti Becker's first solo composition album release. The album tells a story of winter, primarily through minimalist piano and strings. With a run time of 52 minutes, Voiceless is comprised of 19 pieces and comes with a 12-page booklet.

$1 from each sale is donated to CASP (Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention)

Track List

1. Winter Is Here

2. Reflection

3. The First Snowfall

4. Pain, Melt Away

5. Waiting for the Ice to Melt

6. Below Zero

7. Cold and Alone

8. Keep Warm

9. The Darkest of Blues

10. No Place Like Home

11. Finding Happiness 

12. A Day of Rest

13. Now Will Be a Memory

14. Remembering Yesterday

15. Is It Too Late?

16. Flourishing Shadows

17. The Coldest Day

18. Sinking

19. Let The Snow Fall

Hauntingly beautiful, Voiceless is an original project written and composed by Delti Becker.
Inspired by the depressing feeling of winter blues and the warm sensations of happiness, romance and bliss. Delti has created a soundtrack for the snow, ice and cold air.

A story of winter.